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A health consultation is an assessment that offers information on an environmental public health concern related to human exposure to specific hazardous substances. An occupational health consultant conducts an occupational health risk assessment in order to assess the potential hazards to employees who are exposed to specific hazardous materials or work environments. An occupational health consultation is usually a response to an external public health question. Health questions are often answered by the environment as well as by the occupational healthcare specialist.

There are three types of health consultation offered by various occupational healthcare organizations. Consultations can be for prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases and conditions. These three types of consultations are usually conducted by consultants in conjunction with training programs, knowledge transfer workshops and technical assistance programs for health information management. The training and education providers to determine the clinical objectives, scope of practice, identification and assessment of diseases and conditions and other services that can be offered by occupational health consultants.

An occupational health consultation for young children may deal with asthma, allergies, brain damage, dental problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, learning disabilities, food allergies, birth defects, emotional disorders, gingivitis, leukemia, smog, noise, vision problems, sexual orientation, skin care, viruses and sexually transmitted diseases. It is important for consultants to educate parents about their child's health concerns and early childhood development. When consulting with young children, it is important to consider their emotional state and any behavioral issues. Some children who have behavioral issues can be calmed and taught to relax when the cause of the problem is determined early. Some children can be overly sensitive, while others need extra support and encouragement to deal with their anxiety and emotions.

An occupational health consultation for young children may deal with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, drug allergies, attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, head injury and traumatic brain injury syndrome. These are just a few of the conditions that might be brought up during the consult. The consultant will work with the parents on their child's individual needs and develop an intervention plan specifically tailored to their child's mental health needs. If a family physician is not available or if the parents are not willing to make a significant investment in their child's mental health needs, then an occupational health specialist can be the next best place to turn for help. There are several agencies in the United States that specialize in providing consultation for these specific types of conditions, and they are probably the best place to start looking.

When it comes to early care for mentally healthy children, there are several approaches that can be taken. Educational services for preschool age children are usually provided through school systems and community organizations. Caregivers can be provided by family members or friends, or they may be specially trained and placed within a family's care. Educational and therapeutic services for older children can be provided by educational service providers and community organizations. The most beneficial approach to take for education providers is to get involved with local educational planning committees, since many community organizations have programs that address the needs of young children and their families. Learn more from us at

In today's world of medicine and science, education settings are always required to provide the most comprehensive and accessible care to patients who need it the most. Those without the means to provide the type of early care for their young children that would ensure their mental health expertise are at risk. Without education settings, children may end up receiving the care that they do not need and could put themselves at risk of developmental issues as they grow older. For that reason, education settings are absolutely critical to the well being of mentally healthy children.

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